The Tech-Savvy Volvo S60

The new Volvo S60 pushes the limits of luxury even further. The popular luxury compact sedan is equipped with sophisticated tech features that will please any modern driver. Out team at Volvo Cars Wellesley is very excited to show you how these features will change your driving experience for the better.

The first piece of tech you'll notice in the cabin is the infotainment system. It has a 9-inch touch screen display that's installed vertically on the dashboard. This unique design provides more room to show information that's important to you. The system is compatible with some of the most popular smartphone platforms and includes a collection of applications that are already installed.

Also available is a 12.3-inch Digital Driver Display. This screen takes the place of traditional analog gauges. It can be customized to show you the things that are most relevant to your trip. While it does simulate the standard gauges you're used to, the entire screen can be used to show detailed maps and navigational instructions as needed.



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