Volvo XC40 Exterior Features

Luxury subcompact SUVs have been gaining popularity in the United States thanks to the combination of high quality features with the advanced performance specifications of an SUV. That is why our team of subcompact SUV experts at Volvo Cars Wellesley are so excited to announce the arrival of the all new Volvo XC40!

The rear window of this SUV has dark tinting for both privacy and a unique look unlike any other car on the road. Additionally, both front door handles have soft lighting that invites you back to your vehicle when it's dark outside.

Finally, drivers will love the heated windshield wiper blades. This way, ice and snow clears away from your windshield faster than ever before which is sure to keep both you and your family safe even in poor weather. Volvo engineers have really thought of everything when it comes to this luxury subcompact SUV.



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