Safety Abounds With the New Volvo V90

Volvo is known throughout the world for its commitment to automotive safety innovation and the V90 is the perfect example of this commitment. This popular luxury wagon is equipped with all of the latest in safety technology, designed to give you the ultimate peace of mind as you take to the roads of Wellesley, MA.

The standard emergency brake light recognizes a sudden and hard stop and activates the lights to quickly flash four times per second. The communicates to the traffic behind you that there could be impending danger ahead.

The Rear Collision Warning system is activated when a vehicle from behind is approaching too quickly. If the system detects that a collision is imminent, the safety belts are activated just before impact to protect the passengers. The V90 associates at Volvo Cars Wellesley invite you to visit us today so that we can demonstrate all of these safety features to you.

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