Ways to Avoid a Blown Tire

There are some problems that you can't avoid when you are driving. However, there are some ways to prevent a tire blowout. If you follow a few simple tips, you will be able to keep a blowout from occurring in most instances.

One important way to avoid a tire blowout is to avoid potholes. If you hit a pothole in the road when you are going at a faster rate of speed, your tire can be damaged and blowout or go flat. Slow down when you are on a road with a lot of potholes and road damage.

It is important that you inspect your tires on a regular basis in order to prevent a tire blowout. Tires that have bad spots in the tread can blowout in some circumstances. If you notice bad wear or damage on a tire, get that tire changed out as soon as possible to avoid a blowout.



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