All-Weather vs Carpet Floormats: Which is Better?

Here at our dealership, we believe in making sure that you are well informed vehicle owner, especially when it comes to your floormats. So today, we're going to be comparing all-weather and carpet floor mats and see which better suits your vehicle.

All-Weather Floormats

These are easy to clean rubber and provide excellent protection. Spills wipe up effortlessly and to clean them, you can just take them out and hose them off. These are great if you track a lot of dirt, etc. into your vehicle. However, the only colors offered are basic black, tan, and gray.

Carpet Floormats

These floormats offer great protection, especially with hardy fibers such as berber, and come in a wide selection of colors and even designs. These are great for those who don't track much dirt into their vehicle.

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