Key Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking

You need to ensure that your vehicle’s exhaust system is always in top condition. The people in the cabin of your car depend upon a properly functioning exhaust system. You need to be aware of signs that your exhaust system isn’t working properly and is leaking.

Signs that your exhaust is leaking include reduced gas mileage. A leaky exhaust directly impacts the operation of your engine, which in turn reduces fuel efficiency. In addition, a key sign that your exhaust is leaking is a small leak or multiple small leaks. This type of small leak particularly can occur where the exhaust manifold mates to the cylinder head.

If you think your exhaust system has a leak, the experienced, knowledgeable service pros at Bernardi Volvo Cars Natick stand ready to assist. We can schedule a service appointment at any time that is convenient for you at our dealership in Natick, MA.

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